Welcome to CdA Real Estate Investment and Property Management.

CDA Real Estate Investment and Property Management is North Idaho’s Premier Full Service Property Management Company.  Our #1 goal is maximizing your real estate investment.  We rise above the competition by providing the most comprehensive team of professionals, with experience in the home buying process and the ability to handle repairs and renovations from start to finish!  Our experienced team of professionals is second to none and features in house:

  • Idaho Active License Real Estate Agent
  • Idaho Active Licensed General Contractor
  • Internachi Certified Home Inspector
  • Full time office manager
  • Graduate of North Idaho College Home Building Program

CDA Real Estate Investment and Property Management specializes in finding the absolute best home deals on the market, we save costs at every turn on repairs and renovations, we locate and prequalify to find the best tenants and most importantly we maximize your return on investment! You can just sit back and cash your monthly check! We are also a full service real estate company! If you are looking to work with the best Realtor in the business for buying or selling your home, choose to work with Zach Froehlich!

Why choose CdA Real Estate Investment
& Property Management, LLC?




That means that your out numbered over 5 to 1, but don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

We understand the investment process

We are investors ourselves and use our personal experience in rental property management to manage and maximize your real estate portfolio.  Finding well qualified tenants in a timely matter while maximizing rental return is certainly our top priority for our owners.  However, having first-hand knowledge of the real estate market as a whole, as well as anticipating the ups and downs in an ever changing economic situation help us to truly maximize your biggest investment.  Our experience helps us to identify the best times to buy additional real estate as well as the best times to sell your real estate for the biggest return. This is what sets our company apart from the rest, we are not your average property management company!

If you already have a property or multiple properties you would like to rent or have been having troubles with your current property manager, don’t wait! Contact us today and let us handle everything for you!

If you are looking to purchase real estate properties as an investment or just want to find out more information on the rate of return associated with rental properties, contact us now!

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