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Real Estate Investing: A Reprisal

real estate investingWe had great response to our real estate investing overview, so we’re going to do an entire column! It will be broken into several sections and provide an overview to real estate investing as a whole. There are many different ways to approach property investment, and this is my personal opinion on the matters! As Always if you have additional question, please give me a call! I have been investing in real estate for years and have great knowledge of the Coeur d’Alene market.

Before we launch in to the investment column, I wanted to lay out some “ground rules.” When your writing a blog, you have to generalize most processes to compensate for most people. Fact is no real estate transactions are ever the same. Each time you research an investment property, it is a new experience! The changes, nuances, and differences between each deal make the industry very …

Buying Investment Property

Buying Investment PropertyBuying investment property is one of the most secure investments available. At CDA Real Estate Investment & Property Management we strive to provide our clients with the latest and best information available. The rental market (and in turn, investment) is exploding all around Coeur d’Alene! Our rents across the board have increased at least 15% making a great investment market! The market (as a whole) is rapidly trending upwards as mortgage rates stay low, and more renters move to the area. There won’t be a better market to buy in to, as geographical reports indicate Coeur d’Alene is ready for extreme growth.

Have you Considered Buying Investment Property?

Many people have questions about investing, and never take the time to ask! How much does a house cost? How much money do I need down? How do I manage my renters? These kinds of questions all have easy answers. The most …

Summer already! Cleaning Time!

Its summer already!

Summer alreadySummertime in Coeur d’Alene brings  great weather, outdoor activities, and fun. With summer, real estate season really starts to kick off and rental season explodes! One of the questions we get asked all the time is proper rental unit cleaning. Many times, people decide to treat their deposit as “last months rent.” It is unfortunate because we follow very strict policies regarding the return of security deposits! When it comes to cleaning, it really does pay! Here are a few great tips to remember as you prepare to get your hands dirty!

  1. Don’t forget under the stove and fridge. Many people forget to clean out under the stove and fridge (usually the stove has a drawer. Under there gets pretty dirty). We always check to make sure its clean and doesn’t have any leftover kitchen smell!
  2. Dust out the cabinets. Mostly as a courtesy to the new