Month: July 2016

Idaho Vacation Spotlight: Spokane (Part 2)

spokaneThis week we decided to finish the “Idaho” Vacation Spotlight for Spokane! Last week, we covered some of the amazing food options in Spokane, and this week we want to check out great places to see. Spokane manages to be centrally linked between urban and rural. With only a few hour drive in either direction you can be in a big city, or Canada! Finding the perfect weekend activity is super simple. Staying in town? Great! Riverfront Park is a great place to take the family! Originally created for the Olympics in the 80’s, Riverfront Park just recently started a multi year expansion. There is an arcade, gondolas over the falls, and Primo shopping throughout this beautiful walkthrough. Check their website (above) for notice on special events like farmers markets and concerts. There is always something to do down there and its a great day trip if you have never …

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Real Estate Investing: Research

researchThis weeks post is about research when starting real estate investing. Having prepared, and knowing how you want to invest, you need to know how the math works. Now we know that everyone hates math. The good news is real estate math is all very basic. As an example, there are several numbers that stay virtually static in real estate investing. Every market in the united states (with VERY few exclusions) qualifies for a 3% depreciation tax write off each year. Static numbers are great in investing because they are virtually guaranteed and anyone familiar with investing can tell you its all about the risks. Appreciating is also standard per market allowing the establishment of a value curve. You also have the mortgage payment offset by renters with typically low turnover. Yup, were fans of real estate investing around here! On to some additional resources. Also, don’t forget to …

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Real Estate Investing: Investment Types

researchFollow up on last weeks post, This weeks real estate investing step is Investment Types. There are two different ways to invest in real estate you will want to consider. Depending on your money down, earnings requirement, and cash liquidity, either of these options can be great for you! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me for more information. Together we can create the best investment plan for your family!

  1. REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust). If you are “cash strapped,” you can start real estate investing with a trust. This is not true real estate investment, but its helps get your foot in the door! With REIT there are three different levels of value: The property itself, the management and cashflow of the trust, and the trust fund itself. Unlike traditional direct ownership, a trust has much smaller margins and is more like owning stocks. If you
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Real Estate Investing: Preparation

preparationThis weeks real estate investment blog is about preparation. When you first step in to the exciting world of chances are you haven’t run a cost/value comparison, comparative rental market value report, or anything else with a big name and the word “report” at the end. Don’t worry, we will get there! When pursuing a new investment opportunity, you can’t research enough! The more time you put into early preparation, the more ready you’ll be when a property becomes available. There are several things to consider while preparing to invest in real estate.

  1. Cash on Hand. How much money do you have available for the down payment? Unlike when you purchased your first home (typically with government help), investment property loans have stricter requirements, higher interest rates, and more down payment money. Typically you will be looking at a minimum of 25% for an investment property down payment. There are
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