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The Hayden Home Market

Hayden Home MarketThe Hayden home market is very different from Coeur d’Alene. Coeur d’Alene real estate is rapidly increasing in price, causing most people to get priced out of the market. Unless your looking at prime downtown real estate, the commute times between Hayden and Coeur d’Alene are similar, and your dollar gets way more house in Hayden! As our area continues to grow, the Coeur d’Alene home price spike will start effecting more areas, making now the perfect time to buy! If your in the market for a new home, make sure and consider Hayden!

  1. Location. Hayden (and all it’s communities) are located directly next to Coeur d’Alene. With a hard border south (the lake) the only way for commerce to expand is in to Hayden! Our area’s growth rate is off the charts, and businesses are opening all the time. With all that commerce and more residents, Hayden is “growing

The Coeur d’ Alene Home Market

Coeur d' Alene home marketCoeur d’ Alene home market has been on fire lately! Depending on the type of home your looking for, we are down to single digits of inventory! I have been real estate for a long time now. I love real estate investing and (obviously) have been doing property management for years. Rates for rental homes keep going up, resulting in a buying spree for the Coeur d’ Alene home market. Here are a few of the trends i’ve seen recently in our real estate marketing.

  1. Home prices aren’t going down anytime soon. With mortgage rates at historic lows, the average home price will only continue to increase. We are also at capacity for rentals, and the housing shortage will push prices even higher. There are tons of affordable financing offers for first time home buyers, the price won’t get better. Get on it!
  2. Our bedroom communities are growing. The Coeur

Renting Vs. Buying: A Real Estate Guide

renting vs. buyingRenting vs. buying is often a question we get asked as one of Coeur d’Alene’s leading property managers. Millennial  have shown a big move towards renting instead of owning homes, putting a lot more stress on our rental market. On the other hand, home prices continue to rise in our area because of low inventory. It almost seems like your trapped between a rock and a hard place! This week we wanted break down some of the differences between renting vs. owning.

We have tons of renters. Renting a home comes with a big slew of benefits. You never have to worry about home maintenance! Just call us, and whatever problem you are faced with is taken care of at someone else’s expense. You can also control the amount you spend on your home within a yearly basis since your not tied to a mortgage. If you are not in …