Month: November 2018

Tips to Improve Your Rental Property Value

2In a previous post, we discussed three good ways to spruce up your rental home or apartment.  Here we go again!  This time, our experts have three different great ideas to make your rental property stand out from the competition!

Number one, tile that entryway!

After you have replaced your entry door and perhaps its hardware,  what about tiling the entryway floor?  It is the next thing the hopeful renters will see when they enter the space, and especially now, with Spring on its way and with rain and mud on everyones feet, consider tiling at least a small area in the entry.  It  helps the rental flooring by giving visitors a “staging area” for leaving wet or muddy shoes or boots.  In addition, adding some decorative tile will add tons of character to your rental, character that other rentals lack.  This, in turn, will make your property stand apart …

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Emotional Support Animals and Housing in Idaho

We all love our furry friends and want to take them everywhere we go. If you’re like me and you love animals, you know that they are part of the family and our best friends. What’s worse than a landlord saying that your family member can’t be in your new home? One of the huge benefits of owning a home is that you never have to worry about “no pet” policies. By owning your house, you have the right to keep your pets there with the understanding that you bear full responsibility for any damage they may cause. However, many landlords do not want to take the risk of having pets living at their property. This is all up to the landlord, and every owner is different. For your protection, you should understand your rights as a tenant and the laws that surround emotional support and service animals.

Let’s start

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