A kitchen “facelift” can bring big results

kitchenSpring is coming, and you want your home to be as listing-ready as possible.  Here are a few tips for making your kitchen look great without spending a fortune.

Reface those cabinets!

The kitchen is the best place to spend money for the best return.  It doesn’t take new updated appliances and stone countertops to make your kitchen look and feel fresh and new.   Those expenses are unnecessary.  Your cabinets were the newest look in kitchens when you first purchased your home.  However, a few years have elapsed and they could use a fresh new look.  Not handy with tools?  If you are, you might consider buying new cabinet faces.  Perhaps you are tool-challenged.  If so, try sanding and re-finishing or painting those dated cabinets .  A can of paint or stain could be all you need to give your kitchen a brand-new look, and paint is not expensive.  You …

Interior decorating trends for 2017

terra cottaOk, last time we talked about this year’s trends in interior paint colors.  We decided that the best choice is to go with whatever colors match your furniture, or suit your life.  This week, we are diving into the ” hot” trends in interior design.  Oh goody!

What’s new?

According to the experts, last year  we should have added white and other cool colors.  Now, we need to be all about warm textures and colors.  Terra cotta isn’t just for floors anymore.  All the “best” homes will be using it.  In the form of feature walls, and in fireplace surrounds.  Although, we are being warned to stay away from terra cotta that looks too rustic.

Not all cork is in a bottle

Once we have our terra cotta feature wall, we are ready to tackle some cork, or are we?  Apparently, we should consider using cork for accent pieces, such …

2017 Color palette for your home

imagesWelcome 2017! This year’s “in” color palette will reflect; your personality, recent history, a change in the economy, the presidential election.  Take your pick!  And  you thought you were finally finished changing the interior colors of your lovely home!

Last year’s trends

Last year, the experts instructed us to want blue with some earth tones and  and grays added for contrast. Peace, dependability and constancy are associated with the color blue . Who even knew that?  According to the experts, chocolate brown is on it’s way out, with cinnamon and mocha the new trend in browns.

Depending upon your source, you should have wanted to paint your home white, off-white, gray, or blue with or without “pops” of color or accent colors to accent your base color.  Two-tone cabinets were also very popular.

This year, you can paint your home to reflect your outlook.  Confident, Composed, or Comfortable.  Really?   However, …