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Idaho Vacation Spotlight: Spirit Lake

Recently rediscovered, Spirit Lake is an amazing vacation spot if you hate the crowds! Everyone knows thatVacation Spotlight: Spirit Lake staying in Hayden or Coeur d’Alene you have access to a great lake! People are even starting to find Priest Lake as well (gorgeous area you have to check it out sometime). The real North Idaho secret lake is Spirit! With over 11 miles of coastline there are tons of places to be alone right against the water. Once it stops freezing outside the lake tends to stay warmer then most others because of it’s depth. Being one of Idaho’s highest elevation lakes has its perks: The Selkirk mountains surround the lake on all sides and combine hiking and water into the same trip! There isn’t much to do in town so you will want to stay closer to Coeur d’Alene or Hayden, but they do have one amazing even each year! On …

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Idaho Vacation Spotlight: “Up North”

This weeks Vacation Spotlight is all about “up North.” The part of Idaho thats not quite part of Canada. Vacation SpotlightThere are several amazing towns up near the border that are often missed by the major “Vacation Experts” that are worth the stop! While not necessarily warranting a full fledged vacation (unless you want to hit up the spa at the Kootenai Casino and go visit the outdoors once or twice) these little towns in Idaho are a serious MUST SEE for anyone who loves the outdoors! First on our list has to be Moyie Springs! Hidden off the highway from Bonners Ferry, this little gem features a tiny town of a few hundred people, and amazing hiking trails! There is tons of water in the northern part of Idaho, and Moyie springs have tons of cool places to find! Any of the locals can tell you the easy to find …

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Idaho Vacation Spotlight: Sandpoint

Vacation Spotlight: SandpointThis weeks vacation spotlight is about Sandpoint! There are a TON of small Idaho towns to visit, and right at the top of that list is Sandpoint. Situated in the heart of the northwest, this small town of about 7500 is an absolute GEM of a vacation spot! Strongly featuring some great local food, and a ton of places to stay right on the lake, you are sure to enjoy your time spend in this little lake town. For starters, the food here is AMAZING! There are several awesome restaurants you will Vacation Spotlight Sandpointwant to eat at. Breakfast here starts early and is good at all the local diners. Our particular favorites have to be the amazing Mexican/American fusion breakfasts at Joel’s, and anything on the menu at Panhandler’s. Their pies are the things of legend, and they are the best anywhere I’ve tested in North Idaho! Stick …

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Idaho Vacation Spotlight!

Idaho Vacation Weekly Spotlight

Each year, we get asked a million times: What is the BEST Idaho Vacation? There isn’t just one answer, Idaho Vacation Spotlighttheres a boatload! Northern Idaho is packed with hidden vacation gems that anyone who loves the outdoors should visit! Each week we are going to spotlight a different great vacation spot. These will include obvious spots everyone knows about, down to the tiny cool towns worth a day visit! Please feel free to let us know of any amazing vacation spots you know about and we will get them included in one of our vacation spotlights!  Northern Idaho is known for amazing lakes and rivers, and beautiful mountain peaks. The hard part is finding the place to stay that doesn’t break the bank! We here at CDA Real Estate Investment know that finding the right place to stay makes the trip great! So sit back and enjoy …

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