A kitchen “facelift” can bring big results

A kitchen “facelift” can bring big results

kitchenSpring is coming, and you want your home to be as listing-ready as possible.  Here are a few tips for making your kitchen look great without spending a fortune.

Reface those cabinets!

The kitchen is the best place to spend money for the best return.  It doesn’t take new updated appliances and stone countertops to make your kitchen look and feel fresh and new.   Those expenses are unnecessary.  Your cabinets were the newest look in kitchens when you first purchased your home.  However, a few years have elapsed and they could use a fresh new look.  Not handy with tools?  If you are, you might consider buying new cabinet faces.  Perhaps you are tool-challenged.  If so, try sanding and re-finishing or painting those dated cabinets .  A can of paint or stain could be all you need to give your kitchen a brand-new look, and paint is not expensive.  You tube abounds with how-to videos, so if you aren’t confident about your painting skills, you can find whatever information you need to become painting pro!

But I just love the red cabinets!

The bold color that the cabinets were painted or that your selected was one of your favorite aspects about your kitchen .  However, you are moving, and your potential buyer may not agree with your “statement”.  Stick to a neutral color palette for your update, and check the Internet for the latest hot trends in kitchen colors, or better yet, choose neutrals that have a wide appeal.  Remember, you are trying to please someone else, and bright colors are very personal.  Try to imagine what color will best suit your existing appliances.

New hardware for your cabinets

Hardware trends change from year to year, finishes and materials come and go in favor.  You may love your polished brass hardware, but unless it is this year’s new “hot” finish, you will probably want  to purchase something timeless and again, neutral.   Stay away from anything with too defined a style.  You don’t want to label your kitchen country, rustic, modern.  Your preferred style may not be theirs, and you want your buyer to see themselves in your kitchen.

In conclusion, with just a bit of effort and money, you can give your dated kitchen a fresh, appealing new look and get top dollar for your work.