2017 Color palette for your home

2017 Color palette for your home

imagesWelcome 2017! This year’s “in” color palette will reflect; your personality, recent history, a change in the economy, the presidential election.  Take your pick!  And  you thought you were finally finished changing the interior colors of your lovely home!

Last year’s trends

Last year, the experts instructed us to want blue with some earth tones and  and grays added for contrast. Peace, dependability and constancy are associated with the color blue . Who even knew that?  According to the experts, chocolate brown is on it’s way out, with cinnamon and mocha the new trend in browns.

Depending upon your source, you should have wanted to paint your home white, off-white, gray, or blue with or without “pops” of color or accent colors to accent your base color.  Two-tone cabinets were also very popular.

This year, you can paint your home to reflect your outlook.  Confident, Composed, or Comfortable.  Really?   However, according to our experts, the creative among us will like and want the ” confident” color scheme.  “Dusky” blue this year,  with red and lime green  as accents.  However, those of the Composed color group,  longing to be traditional , will favor greens and taupes for their home makeover.  Those introverts who will only dabble in subtle shades for accent colors will be painting their homes with soft pastels, light pink, blue and yellow .  Whew!  It’s a lot to take in!

Let me get this straight

There are people who get paid just to decide what colors we the consumers are going to want to paint the insides of our homes.  Therefore, the colors change from year to year, depending on the political landscape, the global economy, our confidence levels, global warming.  Ok, that is helpful.  Our conclusion, if your home needs painting, choose a color palette of colors that please you and that you think you will be comfortable for you and your family to live in for now and the future.  In conclusion, paint your home with colors that suit you and your furniture, and forget about “the year’s hot new trends in color.”