Interior decorating trends for 2017

Interior decorating trends for 2017

terra cottaOk, last time we talked about this year’s trends in interior paint colors.  We decided that the best choice is to go with whatever colors match your furniture, or suit your life.  This week, we are diving into the ” hot” trends in interior design.  Oh goody!

What’s new?

According to the experts, last year  we should have added white and other cool colors.  Now, we need to be all about warm textures and colors.  Terra cotta isn’t just for floors anymore.  All the “best” homes will be using it.  In the form of feature walls, and in fireplace surrounds.  Although, we are being warned to stay away from terra cotta that looks too rustic.

Not all cork is in a bottle

Once we have our terra cotta feature wall, we are ready to tackle some cork, or are we?  Apparently, we should consider using cork for accent pieces, such as end tables and/or coffee tables.  We may even go so far as to make a feature wall from cork.  And, we can pin things right to the cork wall.  How practical.

Are you feeling optimistic?

Well, if you are, this is the year to redecorate!  The experts agree that jewel tones and etherial fabrics will express our optimism both about where we have been, design-wise and where we are going.  Last year, we should have “done up” our homes in copper, marble, and of all things, fiddle leaf fig plants.  However, how to dispose of our no longer desired must-have house plant eludes us, we imagine that you can send all your now unstylish decorative items to the Goodwill and start over.  Furthermore,  you can  incorporate all of last year’s great decorating items into your freshly terra cotta and corked home and make the perfect blend of  “retro” and what is “hot” for this year.  We say, good luck!