“How-to’s” of Property Management

Property management is not well known to be the most “savory” of industries.CDA Real Estate investment and Property Management Oftentimes tenants and managers get in heated debates about the state of the apartment before or after rental. All Property managers are not created equal! The property manager you choose could make or break your home rental experience! Most of the general problems associated with property management can be avoided by using a highly reputed manager! Here are a few helpful tips to avoid any property management issues!

  1. Read the fine print. Property management contracts are not big long legalese filled documents! When you sign the lease ensure you know your requirements as a tenant. If you have any questions about your lease document you can feel free to give me a call (208) 640-1365.
  2. Take the move-in photos! There is no way to confirm the original property’s status without photos! As a tenant you want to make sure you don’t get billed for damage so we need those photos to get you off the hook!
  3. Don’t even consider an unlicensed property manager. If they don’t have a license and there is a problem the state won’t protect you. When your signing a lease, make sure they are licensed!
  4. Ask around. Property management is one of those industries where its not hard to hear stories! Check with your friends before hiring someone without the proper reputation.
  5. Make sure you “groove.” Getting along with your property management company affirms your long term relationship stays healthy. While a bit more subjective, if you get along and like their personality, it makes for less long term problems!

Property managers do get a bad rap but speaking for ourselves we are most interested in getting you into the proper home! When you are looking for a place to live come see us! We’ll show you first hand “how-to” enjoy living in Coeur d’Alene!