What To Expect During Your Biannual Walkthrough

What To Expect During Your Biannual Walkthrough

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! That’s right, biannual walkthrough time! But don’t let this event disrupt your happy holiday season. By being prepared for your walkthrough, you’ll know exactly what to expect and you won’t get caught off guard.

Before Your Walkthrough

Your property manager may call or email you to set up the best time to do your biannual walkthrough. The property manager should prefer to conduct the walkthrough while you are home. This is especially beneficial because you can tell the property manager about any problems that might not be immediately apparent. The manger can also ask you questions if they are unsure about something.

How Long Does It Take?

Chances are, your property manager is going to be inspecting several properties during that day. Because of this, they will probably want to be as thorough as possible as quickly as possible. You should expect your biannual walkthrough to last between 15 to 30 minutes from start to finish, unless there are serious problems that need attending to immediately. You can also expect the walkthrough to last longer if there are issues that require further investigation.

What Happens?

First, your property manager will take a walk around the perimeter of the house and set up a ladder to check on your exterior paint and gutters. This is done to evaluate whether or not the house needs a new paint job in the spring, or if somebody needs to come out and clean the gutters. They will also check your sprinklers and faucets to ensure that they are properly winterized to prevent pipe damage. The manager will check for chips and cracking on the siding of your house and ensure there is no bare wood visible. They will also scope the area for trees that may become problems in the future. Examples of this are trees that are topheavy, leaning, or too close to the house. Trees that appear dead or dying will also be noted for future reference.

When it’s time for the property manager to come inside the house, they will ask you if there’s any problems that they should know about immediately. These may be problems that need immediate attention or issues that aren’t immediately obvious. After this, your property manager will inspect your home’s interior for any serious damages (holes in the drywall, door damage, torn up floor, etc). They will look underneath your sink for any leaks. They will also check your furnace filter and look closely for any heater problems. This includes checking for flammable substances near your heater that could be considered fire hazards.


Biannual walkthroughs should be quick, easy, and painless! Even if they’re not, that means your property manager now knows about problems so they can have them fixed immediately. The goal of the walkthrough isn’t to check to see if you’re doing something wrong. The purpose of biannual walkthroughs is to make sure your home is up to code for the winter. By checking for damage and potential winterization problems, your property manager will help make your winter as safe and comfortable as possible!