Real Estate Investment

Do you already own or are you considering investing in real estate as an investment? Now is the time! The downturn in the housing market over the past few years has developed into an outstanding rental market! No matter your situation, we can help find a real estate deal that suits your investment goals, while simultaneously growing your equity and expanding your financial portfolio!

Maybe you are an experienced investor with multiple property purchases under your belt?

Maybe you are looking to move from your current home, but due to economic conditions are not able to sell in the current market?

Maybe you are a first time home buyer or investor and are looking to make your first purchase.

We can help you!

For the Experienced Investor




That means that your out numbered over 5 to 1, but don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

This is not new to you. You have seen the market surge and fall, watched equity grow and slide back, and have experimented with many different types of financing over the years. You are a seasoned investor and may even have a few battle scars to prove it! How can we help you?

I’m glad you asked! First and foremost, we can save you the most valuable commodity- your time! Whether you are constantly battling your tenants for rent, always scanning the internet for potential home deals that pencil out, having difficulty maximizing and increasing your cash flow, or becoming buried in paperwork. We can save you time, simplify your situation and most importantly maximize your equity and monthly income!

To say we stay on top of the local real estate market, would be quite the understatement! We check the Multiple Listing Service every day, we view every new home on the market the day it is listed, we advertise and market heavily to find homes BEFORE they hit the market, and will negotiate hard to get you the very best deal possible! And we love it! It is our passion and we take it very seriously.

We have even created our own proprietary algorithm to determine the return on investment (ROI) for ANY property for sale on the market! We can sort hundreds or even thousands of potential home purchases in a single night and determine the very best deals in the current market on that day!

We also carefully monitor and track the overall real estate market and rental market. We are aware of the best times of the year to purchase as well as the best time of the year to sell. We live in a very seasonally market in North Idaho and we use our experience to take advantage of the constantly changing demand in the area. We use the same process to command the best rate of return on rental properties. We cater our leases to take advantage of high demand and very rarely have vacancies when the demand is low. This is essential in keeping occupancy high and maximizing rents!

We have also built incredible relationships with many local contractors in all fields. We have built these fruitful relationships over many years and many projects. Our large volume of work affords us discounted pricing and timely service. We use these relationships to save time and save money on all repairs and improvements while maintaining a professional level of service for you and your tenants.

We work with the best and brightest local companies to assist you in leveraging your assets, refinancing to more affordable terms, or obtaining financing for additional real estate to grow and expand your portfolio. We have experience in locating and purchasing properties, selling properties, blueprints and construction, repair and rehabilitation, marketing, renting and qualifying tenants. We have years of experience in the real estate industry and will continue to refine our skills in this industry for years to come! We love it!

Need help finding qualified tenants for your rental? Want to add more properties to your portfolio?
Give us a call today and let us help you maximize and grow your real estate portfolio with us!

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Trapped due to current market conditions?

The market conditions in the past few years were very unfavorable to many property owners who now find their homes underwater. They may feel trapped in their home and unable to make ends meet or facilitate a move to a new property. We examine these on a case by case basis to determine the best outcome. Sometimes we are able to sell the property or even rent out the current property until market conditions improve. Renting the property can be a great option that enables the mortgage to be paid, while allowing the home owner the flexibility to purchase another property, move to a more cost efficient property, or create additional income. All while building equity!

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For The First Time Homebuyer or Investor

Your first home purchase either for yourself or as investment can be a complicated process. Many different types of financing are available and many available properties have some level of deficiency that require a thorough inspection and subsequent improvement. These homes are our specialty! We love finding the best deal, putting in some sweat equity and sitting back and reaping the rewards!

Our staff includes an Active Idaho Licensed Real Estate Agent, a Certified Home Inspector and an Idaho Licensed General Contractor. We have experienced it all! We will happily assist you every step of the way-

Putting you in touch with the right loan that suits your needs

Locating and negotiating the best deal

Scheduling cost effective repairs and improvements

Finding a securing a new tenant or homebuyer for your property

Maximizing your return on investment every step of the way!

Then sit back relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor and your new more secure financial position in life! OR

Start the process over and beginning building your real estate portfolio and taking another step to achieve your dreams!

Avoid the pitfalls of home buying!

Many interested buyers search the internet or drive around their neighborhood and upon seeing a property they are interested in will notice the For Sale sign in the yard and contact the real estate agent listing the property. DO NOT DO THIS! This is a common mistake. The listing agent represents the seller and contractually is unable to look out for your best interest. Give me a call so we can negotiate the best deal on your terms!

Another common mistake made by many first time home buyers is buying a house they cannot afford! It is an easy mistake to be made, but when it goes wrong it really goes wrong! You do not want to be stuck in this type of situation for the next 15-20 years or longer! We can make sure to help you find the right property with the right financing terms so your property can make you money!

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