Buying Investment Property

buying investment properties

Buying Investment Property

Buying Investment PropertyBuying investment property is one of the most secure investments available. At CDA Real Estate Investment & Property Management we strive to provide our clients with the latest and best information available. The rental market (and in turn, investment) is exploding all around Coeur d’Alene! Our rents across the board have increased at least 15% making a great investment market! The market (as a whole) is rapidly trending upwards as mortgage rates stay low, and more renters move to the area. There won’t be a better market to buy in to, as geographical reports indicate Coeur d’Alene is ready for extreme growth.

Have you Considered Buying Investment Property?

Many people have questions about investing, and never take the time to ask! How much does a house cost? How much money do I need down? How do I manage my renters? These kinds of questions all have easy answers. The most important thing to understand is how easy it is to purchase an investment property! The delays/uncertainty/fear shouldn’t stop you from missing a great investment opportunity! Real estate is one of the most secure expenditures of investment money available. While all investments carry risk, real estate investing provides a steady almost risk free way to build wealth. In Coeur d’Alene our market is increasing on a steady value curve, generating at least 4% YoY and that number is climbing. I have owned rental property for years and have never seen anything like it! If you are considering buying property, briefly consider:

  1. real-estate-investmentAsking a Investment Realtor for help. I am one of the best agent investors in Coeur d’Alene. By owning a property management company, it allows me to see a different and unique side of real estate most agents miss out on! I can show you how profitable buying investment property can be by showing you my own properties!
  2. Do some Research. The internet is chock full of helpful resources for buying investment property. Most (not all!) of the investment guides you read can provide practical information about down payments, typical rents, and value curves. When you get more prepared to invest, we can get specific data on available rental houses. Some self research will help familiarize you with the purchasing processes.
  3. Don’t be afraid. The big one! Tons of people consider buying investment property, but never take that next step! Don’t be scared, you have an advocate that will help walk you through the process! In the following weeks we will go over specific information about buying investment property. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me! I’m always available and love helping investors make money!

See you soon!