Let’s clean up our Winter wardrobe!

Let’s clean up our Winter wardrobe!

closetWe thought we were headed  into the rain/mud season and away from Winter.  Really, we  just got more Winter.  Lots more Winter.  Instead of moping because Spring will NEVER come, let’s try to think of happier things.  Things like flowers, sunshine, clear skies, Spring cleaning!  Spring cleaning your Winter wardrobe!   While this might not be high on your list of happy things to think of, since the weather is still Winter-like, we may as well find inside projects to occupy our time until Spring actually arrives and stays.

Your closet is where to start

Therefore, a good place to start your Spring cleaning is in your closet.  First of all, it is just about time to put away your warm sweaters, snow boots, and funny knit hats.  While you have them clean and ready to hide away for another Spring and Summer, it is an excellent time to make some decisions about your Winter wardrobe. If something is worn-out, or doesn’t fit quite right, let it go.   Maybe it needs more mending than you are equal to attempting.  Just because your favorite sweats are comfy, it might be time to replace them with some sweats that still have functional elastic in the waist.  If you no longer have a use for it, let it go!  

On that note,

Ok, that takes care of the Winter wardrobe. You are going to need to bring  your Spring and Summer things out.  What a wonderful time to re-think your Spring and Summer selections! Even those  sentimental favorites that you never wear but hold on to should go. This might be JUST the right time to bid a fond farewell to them.  You can do it!  Furthermore, we make space in our wardrobe by getting rid of old used-up clothes.  That in turn,  makes room in the closet for new and exciting options.   Who doesn’t like new clothes?

Let’s get busy and out with the old, and in with the new!