Spring clean that living room!

Spring clean that living room!

curtainJust in case Spring does arrive, we want you to be ready.  That means you had probably better think about Spring cleaning your home.  You have kept up with the vacuuming and dusting.  You have done laundry every Monday.  Good for you!  Now it is time to clean that living room!

Your living room

All Winter, you have been living in your living room.  You have been keeping warm by the wood stove or fireplace.  Or, you have been watching the snow from there.  You have spent hours and hours wishing you were outside.  Playing golf, planting the garden, taking a sunbath.  Whatever you have been longing for or  dreaming about, you have probably been doing it in the living room. Therefore, it is time for you to clean that most-used area.  First, those curtains!

Clean your curtains!

While we don’t know how you see your curtains, we don’t think about the dust that lands on them.  You would think that dust only lands on horizontal surfaces, but it lands everywhere.  As a result,  you will be amazed at how dirty they were once you have cleaned them.

Find that pesky tag on your curtains, the one that tells you NEVER to remove it.  It should have cleaning and drying instructions.   You may get away with just vacuuming them really well. They may only need  steaming.  Assuming that you stayed away from those expensive “dry clean only” drapes, you may be able to wash them in your washing machine.  After washing, you can hang them back up.  Or, you can touch them up with your iron when they are dried if needed.  The iron, you know, that silver metal device your Grandmother used to straighten her hair back in the day?  Well, never mind, on we go…

Just these few tips will make a surprising difference in the appearance of your home, and may even inspire you to tackle the rest of your living room!