Avoiding Bad Vacation Rentals!

Avoiding bad vacation rentals is something we get asked about a LOT! As one of the most reputed rental companies in Coeur d’Alene we understand everyone’s concern! Most of us only get one vacation each year and we don’t want to have it ruined by our bad choice of rental! We’ve compiled a few tips we think will help keep you out of trouble!

  1. Rent from a Reputable source. It is impossible to get taken advantage of by someone with avoiding bad vacation rentals avoiding bad vacation rentals
    reputation. We have tons of online reviews that we have earned, and its very difficult to fake! If your looking at a rental on Vrbo or airbnb their will be accompanying reviews to tell you about that property! Avoid “one hit wonders” with no online reputation and you can’t get into trouble!
  2. Look for guarantees. Most online booking sites require the bookers to offer certain requirements for the rental! These are standard on listings and are required to put your rentals on their sites. Ensure that the “Bill of rights” to a good stay are listed on the property! If they are missing or the booker refuses to honor the bill of rights, rent from someone else!
  3. Do not pay by wire! This tip is a bit of a duh, but it still happens! If the booker does not accept all major forms of payment then DO NOT USE THEM! Anyone of repute will take checks and all avoiding bad vacation rentalsprotected forms of payment!

Following these simple tips will help you avoid your own bad vacation rentals and keep you out of trouble. Focus on your vacation! You only get to do it once a year and it should be fun! As one of the leading Vacation Renters in Coeur d’Alene I can assure you we want you to love your stay! Relax, and enjoy your time. You have earned it!