Winter getaways where it isn’t snowing

Winter getaways where it isn’t snowing

images-6Are you tired of Winter yet?  even if you love snow, it can get to be too much of a good thing, and the temperature  is well, cold.  Here are some tips on getaways  to which you can escape.




First, Belize


According to US News, Belize is close to paradise on Earth.  Combine it’s year-round sunshine with it’s temperature hovering in the 80’s and its sparkling turquoise blue ocean, and it is a destination worth considering  However, you must know in advance that you will want to visit Belize  and when so that you can get reservations.  Where is Belize, you ask?  well, Belize is somewhere in Central America.  No, actually we do know exactly where it is.  You can see on the map to the left.  November to April are peak season in Belize, so book early!

Second, San Diego, CA

In case Belize seems too far away and too foreign, you might consider San Diego, Ca.  While the temperatures in Winter aren’t quite as tempting as those in Belize, the temperature hovers in the high 50’s.  Too cold?  Remember, it’s snowing here!  San Diego offers beaches, a world-class Zoo, and restaurants as well as many cultural activities, and Mexico is close if you feel the need for foreign travel.  Passports required.

Third, Punta Cana Dominican Republic 

With the hurricane season officially over by December, Punta Cana is another possibility.  The Dominican Republic is a short plane ride from Miami Florida.  It’s average December temperature is a balmy  80 or so degrees, and it features sandy beaches and not too much culture to clutter up your sun soaking time.  There are nice affordable hotels in abundance, with an average price per night of $54 for two.  Bears looking into if you’re done with Winter but still have three months to go.

No matter what your travel plans, Winter is a very good time to explore somewhere new.